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Most Underrated or Overrated Arizona Cardinals of All-Time

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Football Outsiders recently assembled a list of the 25 most overrated and 25 most underrated NFL players of the last decade and while you can't view the entire list unless you're an ESPN Insider, FO was kind enough to list the top ten from both sides. While I was fairly confident that the overrated list wouldn't contain any Arizona Cardinals, I was very interested to see if any of them made the cut on the underrated side. Sure enough, our very own Adrian Wilson was ranked as the third most underrated player of this decade. Others might have rounded out the overall 25, but alas I'm not an Insider so we'll be left to wonder (or at least wait until someone who is an insider has the kindness to post the complete lists).

Looking over the lists you'll find polarizing names like Michael Vick, Reggie Bush and DeAngelo Hall, but this got me thinking about what players would comprise a Cardinals-only Underrated/Overrated list. Feel free to make your list with as many names as you wish, for any time period or using any criteria you can come up with. So who do you think is underrated or overrated?