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Arizona Cardinals Weekly Flock: Adrian Wilson's New Contract Edition

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Quickhits_mediumAs you can imagine nearly every media outlet in the free world, including two stories here on ROTB, has their spin on Adrian Wilson's new contract and what that means for the Arizona Cardinals and other disgruntled players. The bottom line for now is that Wilson should be able to finish his career with the Cardinals and he'll be financially rewarded for being a special player and a great teammate. Here's all the news along with some media directly from Wilson and also General Manager Rod Graves.

Adrian Wilson isn't the only Cardinals news out there though:

  • Confident Breaston soaks up Boldin's practice time - As Anquan Boldin stays away in a contract dispute, Steve Breaston has confidently moved up to the No. 2 wide receiver spot.

  • Graves looks forward to working with Boldin agent - general manager Rod Graves says he looks forward to working with Anquan Boldin's new agent, Tom Condon.

  • Lyle Sendlein ready to improve in '09 -After playing injured for most of the season last year, Sendlein is ready for a much better season in '09.

  • Iwebema returns - Kenny Iwebema returned to practice (sort of) on Tuesday for the first time since his surgery to remove a benign tumor. He just watched from the sidelines and he won't participate in practice until training camp.

  • Kent Somers takes a guess at training camp dates
  • Wells not at OTA's but gets information from Cards - Wells gets a daily call and video from the the day's practice from running backs coach Curtis Modkins in order to keep him as up to speed as possible.
  • Evaluating Herman Johnson - The coaching staff has liked what they've seen so far from Johnson at right tackle but we'll have to see how he handles the position once everyone is in pads.

  • Cards' Leinart worked out with Brady - Cards' Leinart worked out with Brady, Matt Leinart sought help from an unlikely source in an even more unlikely place.

  • QB coach Miller focuses on mechanics - QB coach Miller focuses on mechanics, Cardinals QB coach Chris Miller sees himself similar to a pitching coach in baseball.

  • Why VY & Leinart Will Sit In ‘09 - It’s a strange coincidence that Leinart and Young — who were both drafted in the first round of 2006 and played against each other in what some have called one of the greatest college football games in the 2006 Rose Bowl — are both sitting behind aging veteran quarterbacks who are coming back to defend division titles.

  • Cardinals the 28th best team this decade? - They came ever so close to becoming the ultimate playoff Cinderella story last winter, but the bottom line says seven losing seasons and just one playoff berth so far this decade. I'll give them this much: The 2008 Cardinals were not who we thought they were.

  • Santonio Holmes catch - One of the top 21 Moments of this decade - With 35 seconds remaining in Super Bowl XLIII, Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger lofted a pass over two Cardinals defenders to Holmes in the corner of the end zone.

  • Cards' new staff additions learning on job - Kent Somers talks about the new coaching staff learning on the fly, the competition at kick returner and Beanie's long distance education.

  • Peter King previews the NFL Labor Talks - (I'm normally not a Peter King fan but this is good info for all fans of the NFL) The early stages of the negotiations will be civil but firm on both sides. The union is going to push to see every team's complete financial ledger. The NFL will balk, claiming the NFLPA already knows enough about the audited financial information of the 32 teams to negotiate a fair contract. And that will be the first chasm. Regardless, there will be football in 2010, likely without a salary cap.....It's going to get ugly. There's better than a 50-percent chance, I believe, of some work stoppage in 2011, as incredibly golden-goose-killing as that sounds.