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Arizona Cardinals Weekly Flock: New Head Coach Edition?

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  • Grimm as interm head coach? - The Cardinals’ assistant head coach (who also has offensive line coach and run game coordinator on his letterhead) was in charge Monday during the team’s organized team activity, with head coach Ken Whisenhunt absent because of a previously scheduled charity event. But don't worry, Whiz will be back soon enough.

  • Cardinals are hottest NFL brand? - Forbes says the Cards’ "brand value" has increased a "staggering 143 percent" over the past three years, up to $68 million. They also note the $155 million, 20-year naming rights deal with the University of Phoenix at the stadium is the third-largest in the NFL.

  • Team Report from USATODAY - Coaches are still waiting for nose tackle Alan Branch to lose weight and contend for playing time. A second-round pick two years ago, Branch has been a major disappointment.

  • Cardinals not worried about cap - Cardinals not worried about cap, Adrian Wilson's contract leaves the Cardinals about $2 million under the salary cap.

  • Adrian's final contract numbers - Here's are the specifics of safety Adrian Wilson's new contract, according to someone familiar with it.

  • Most underrated division: NFC West - It’s been widely called the "NFC Worst" for what seems forever, and there’s good reason for that. But it says here that there’s equally good reason to believe that the NFC West no longer deserves such a hard-earned weak-sister image. To begin with, the Cardinals’ quantum leap in the desert was NOT a mirage. Although it has lost players like Edgerrin James on offense and Antonio Smith on defense and has an inordinate number of potentially divisive contract concerns, this is a team that figures to be a rock-solid contender as long as Ken Whisenhunt keeps doing a good job coaching, Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald keep effectively spearheading one of the league’s livelier offenses, and defenders like Karlos Dansby, Darnell Dockett and Adrian Wilson can pick up where they left off last postseason.

  • Boldin's new agent - Is there any real reason to believe that Anquan Boldin’s recent switch of agents from Drew Rosenhaus to Tom Condon suddenly makes it more likely that Boldin will eventually agree to terms on a new deal with the Cardinals?........"I still think the odds are not good in 2009," a longtime team insider told PFW. "It’s possible Condon could get Anquan to consider more realistic numbers in the $7-8 million-per-year range. And it’s also possible the team will be more comfortable in terms of dialogue with Condon, who is a bit more understated than Rosenhaus. But don’t forget that Condon’s negotiations on behalf of (Cardinals backup QB and former first-round draft pick) Matt Leinart got a bit contentious, and there are no guarantees that things will be any better with Boldin."

  • David Boston's new football home? - Some of the highly skilled players who participated in the workout included Quinn Gray, David Boston, Travis Taylor, Reche Caldwell, Bobby Sippio, Jermaine Wiggins (who tweets even more than me), LaBrandon Toefield, Oliver Celestin and many others.