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Caption this Pic: Arizona Cardinals Style


Welcome to our third "caption this" contest where you get to name this picture. Our previous contests (here and here) have been dominated (well at least the second one was) by Irishcardinal and he's looking to retain his belt for a third consecutive week. The turnout, both in comments and votes, was much better in our second contest than the first so let's keep the ball rolling this week with a new high. This weeks picture includes half of last weeks duo but this time old man Grey Beard (aka Kurt Warner) stands alone.

We'll name the winner sometime on Tuesday so get your comments in and vote early and often.

If you're new this site and/or game, first of all shame on you, but welcome nonetheless. Secondly the rules are simple and the more active everyone is in creating your option caption and voting for your favorite, or favorites, the more fun it is for everyone. As always, the winner will receive bragging rights about all things Cardinals until the next 'caption this pic' contest. Instructions for recommending are after the jump. Enjoy.


To recommend a comment, all  you have to do is click on the link that says "actions" under a comment and then "recommend." Got it?