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Caption this Pic: Arizona Cardinals Style

Don't forget to submit your very own caption as well as vote for your favorite. The contest will end Wednesday morning and so far we've only got 16 entries. Feel free to submit more than one entry and vote on as many as you'd like.


"Must catch ball so Boogatt will continue to irrationally defend me"


First of all, congrats to last week's winner b0rd3rline, a relatively new member to ROTB, for submitting our winning caption which received five votes to take home the invisible trophy. Feel free to use that trump card for the next week whenever you get into any and all Cardinals-related talks.


This weeks picture comes courtesy of the teams official site since our AP photos are running dry and most likely won't be added to until training camp arrives. In case you've never seen our starting center without his helmet, that's Lyle Sendlein attempting to field a punt in one of Whiz's favorite OTA's activities. Have some fun with this one and we'll name the winner next Wednesday. As we said last week, if you're new this site and/or game, first of all shame on you, but welcome nonetheless. Secondly the rules are simple and the more active everyone is in creating your option caption and voting for your favorite, or favorites, the more fun it is for everyone. As always, the winner will receive bragging rights about all things Cardinals until the next 'caption this pic' contest. Instructions for recommending are after the jump. Enjoy.

To recommend a comment, all you have to do is click on the link that says "actions" under a comment and then "recommend." Got it?