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Suggs Gets a Deal, Dansby's Future Uncertain

Yesterday the Baltimore Ravens reached a deal with recently franchised linebacker Terrell Suggs. The new contract will keep the star linebacker in purple and black for another 6 years and is worth $63 million, with $33.1 million in bonus money in the first 2 years. Suggs is a Pro Bowl linebacker that is one of the keys to the Ravens defense, and is sure to be the foundation after Ray Lewis retires. That brings us to the next subject that is Karlos Dansby. Dansby's been the talk of the off season along with many other players disputing their contracts. He was franchised at the start of free agency and we had all hoped that something long term would happen before yesterday. Dansby has also expressed that he wouldn't mind being a free agent during a potential uncapped year after next season.

Dansby has progressed each season he's been with the team and has now become a force on the Cardinals defense. He may not be the most prolific player or the star of the team, but he gets his job done efficiently. As you can see, Dansby has been able to improve greatly since his first season and we can only hope that he progresses even further the longer he is with the Cardinals. Since no deal was done by the deadline, Dansby will remain franchised through next year. Once 2009 is over, Dansby will become a free agent. At that point, all things become uncertain. Dansby would like to wait till next year to be signed long-term. The main reason for that is that it could potentially become an up capped year. If this were to happen, one would have to assume that the Cardinals won't throw around as much money as Dansby would like. Several teams were interested in him this off season, and barring a career threatening injury or a complete meltdown on his part, things won't change much this year. If Dansby were to leave, who's going to fill in his place on the defense? The Cardinals drafted a couple linebackers in this years draft, one potential starter in Cody Brown. One would have to think that the Cardinals would be forced to draft a linebacker of the future in next years draft. This may also create problems as Bertrand Berry, Chike Okeafor, and Clark Haggans are all on the decline, and may not remain on the team much longer. The Cardinals would be faced with multiple holes in the defense. If the team resigns Dansby, they would be dishing out a lot of money to one player, and limiting their spending next off season. One thing's for sure, the Cardinals need to focus on keeping this core of players that led them to the Super Bowl together. Dansby is a play-maker, and can successfully lead the defense. What do you think the Cardinals should do next season?

GS Tackles PD Sack FF INT
2004 15 60 5 5 1 1
2005 15 88 4 4 2 3
2006 14 82 3 8 2 0
2007 14 97 8 3.5 4 3
2008 16 119 5 4 2 2
Total 74 446 25 24.5 11 9