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Arizona Cardinals Question of the Week

For those of you who weren't readers and/or commentors on ROTB last summer, we had a weekly feature called 'Question of the Week' and after taking nearly the entire off season off, we finally decided to bring this once-dead series back to life.

The Arizona Cardinals off season has had it's fair share of story lines but two guys have been at the center of nearly every debate and today we make our small attempt to put the debate to bed. Anquan Boldin is under contract but not happy with his situation while Karlos Dansby is also under contract but looking forward to the day when he's not. The day will soon come when the Cardinals front office has to decide whether one or both of these guys are worth the high dollars that it'll take to keep them. That's often the tough decisions that make or break the tenure of front office brass like Cardinals GM Rod Graves but today the decision is up to you. If you were the Cardinals front office and could only keep one or the other, who would your choice be: Anquan Boldin or Karlos Dansby?

Boldin15_mediumThe case for Boldin: Since his very first game in an Arizona Cardinal uniform, Boldin has been not only the face of the frachise but also it's heart and soul. He's been to three Pro Bowls, posted four 1,000 yard seasons and shattered the NFL record books by quickly ascending up the ladder for receptions. He plays tough, he plays hurt and he never leaves anything on the field. Younger players look up to Boldin and he leads by example. On top of all that he's the kind versatile, do anything and don't ask why players that Ken Whisenhunt covets.

  • Career Stats: 502 Receptions, 6,496 yards (12.9 avg), 40 TDs

The case for Dansby: The case for Dansby is pretty simple, he's a very good player who might still have his best Dansby10_mediumplaying days ahead of him and the team has no one behind him ready to step into the starting role. He's a special player because of his ability to a little bit of everything from one of the most important positions on the defensive side of the ball. He has the athleticism to make plays sideline the sideline, the quickness to rush the passer and the intelligence to be a force in zone or man coverage. He's also the first Cardinals defender to record 100 tackles since Adrian Wilson in 2005.

  • Career Stats: 444 tackles, 24.5 sacks, 9 interceptions


For the sake of simplicity lets assume that we're talking about signing one of them to a new, reasonably fair market value (yea I know that's very subjective) contract next off season. Ok, it's all your's: Who ya got?