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Caption this Pic: Arizona Cardinals Style

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner Update: For the second consecutive week, Irishcardinal wins our "Caption this" contest and this week it's a complete blowout with his caption receiving nine recommends/votes. The turnout was much better this week so look for our contests to become a weekly event and hopefully someone can knock Mr. Irish off his pedestal. 

ROTB's second official "caption this" contest kicks off today with a picture of Arizona Cardinals greats, Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald. Last week our picture contest was won by IrishCardinal who's winning caption generated four votes and finishing a close second was badmatty who's caption garnered three votes. We'll name the winner sometime tomorrow afternoon so think fast and get your caption and votes in quickly. The winner will receive bragging rights about all things Cardinals until the next 'caption this pic' contest. Instructions for recommending are after the jump. Enjoy.

To recommend a comment, all  you have to do is click on the link that says "actions" under a comment and then "recommend." Got it?