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Arizona Cardinals Weekly Flock: Is it Time for Training Camp Yet Edition

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"Another Levi?" - News that the Cardinals are interested in Levi Jones isn’t exactly new news; Jones’ name came up in conjunction with the Cards earlier this offseason. He’s from the state and attended Arizona State; he’s also been injured a lot. I’m sure he’d be signed by now if he was definitely willing to play for the minimum (or not much more) and if he’d be OK with being a backup if he wasn’t able to win a starting job. The scuttlebutt earlier this offseason was that Jones would want to be a starter, and he won’t get any assurances with the Cards. There’s no question the Cards wouldn’t mind stronger competition for their starters on the line. I don’t know if Oliver Ross delivers that – and Jones may not either.

Making the jump from the practice squad - The practice squad has multiple functions, general manager Rod Graves said. Some players earn their way there because coaches love their work ethic, even if their future isn’t promising. Then there are players who could truly develop into important cogs on the roster, such as former defensive end Antonio Smith. Long is one of those players whom the Cards hope to develop. So too is defensive lineman Keilen Dykes, a big defensive lineman – also undrafted last season – who spent his college days at West Virginia playing in a 3-4 scheme and fits well into what the Cards are trying to do now.

Two hours with Cardinals Pro Bowler Wilson - Adrian Wilson recently spent two hours in studio with XTRA 910 radio in Phoenix. His wife, Alicia, was also in studio. They discussed issues ranging from Darnell Dockett's Twitter account to the Feb. 14 due date for their third child (with Wilson taking credit for being a lover, not a fighter). Here are links to the audio (here and here) if you're interested.

Cards expect bigger crowds at camp - Cards expect bigger crowds at camp, The Cardinals will be prepared with extra staff and security to handle any potential crush.

Tahoe rundown: Whiz ties for 27th - It was a bad day for golf. Tom Watson's fairy-tale died in Scotland. And on the final hole of the American Century Championship, Ken Whisenhunt hit his final approach shot into sand. Not the bunker. Alas, the Cardinals coach finished in a tie for 27th place, a result that doesn't match his powerful game.

Doucet still the #5 WR - We hear Cardinals WR Early Doucet, the team's third-round draft pick last year, could have real problems being activated on most game days this coming season. "The top three receivers (Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston) are no-brainers, and right now, Jerheme Urban looks like the No. 4," said one daily team observer. "Urban is more versatile (than Doucet) and contributes on special teams, which Doucet doesn't do."

10-Pack: Potential training camp hot spots - Though Boldin has kept a low profile of late, he still wants a new contract, more than a year after he made his intentions known. And he took specific aim at Whisenhunt in 2008, claiming that the coach overstepped his bounds in connection with the efforts to resolve a situation that, to date, has proven to be an impasse. Last year, Boldin bubbled up in the postseason, drawing the ire of former offensive coordinator Todd Haley. If Boldin comes into camp with an oversized chip on his shoulder, he might get more than he bargained for from Whisenhunt.