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Arizona Cardinals Pre-Training Camp Roster Projections: Quarterback

Maybe it's fate or pure coincidence that we saved the glamor position of the league until the very last or maybe it's simply because the Arizona Cardinals don't have many questions at the position. With a good mix of highly accomplished veteran leadership and youthful upside the quarterbacks of the Cardinals are not only talented and explosive but also very deep. The top three seem pretty set in stone but let's see....


Kurt Warner, Matt Leinart, Brian St. Pierre

No Chance

Tyler Palko

As you'd expect KW, Matty and BSP are all safe and I can't imagine Tyler Palko doing anything to unseat any of the three. Palko is eligible for the practice squad although I'm not so sure that another team wouldn't pick him up if he was cut.

Tyler Palko: Palko was signed to a futures contract three days after the Super Bowl and I suspect that he was insurance just in case St. Pierre decided not to return (he was a free agent if you remember). Palko played at the University of Pitt where he was room mates with Fitzgerald for two seasons before Fitz entered the '04 draft. He had note able college career starting three seasons and amassing over 8,000 yards and threw 66 TDs versus just 25 picks. He completed almost 70% of his passes as a senior but he doesn't have ideal size (6'1 215) or an elite arm and that left him undrafted in the '07 draft. The Saints signed him and he spent that season bouncing between their roster and practice squad but severely injured his thumb during the '08 preseason (he played against the Cardinals in the preseason opener last year). I'm sure the Cardinals would at least try to keep Palko on the practice squad but he's got enough talent to serve as someone's emergency 3rd string QB, especially after some preseason injuries.


So it's the big three once again at quarterback and I suppose the big news story here will be the supposed competition between Leinart and BSP for the #2 job (can you tell I'm not buying it). In the end, this position should return exactly the way that it was in 2008 and if anything, Leinart and BSP should both be improved players. Thoughts?