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Arizona Cardinals Pre-Training Camp Projection: 53 Man Roster

We finally made it all the way through our pre-training camp roster projections for the Arizona Cardinals and with just three days until the first practice of training camp, there is just enough time to compile a full 53 man roster projection. The only positions that we did not cover were the specialists, but with just one kicker, one punter and one long snapper it's probably fair to say that they are all locks.

We'll use the 'locks' and 'on the bubble' tiers that we've compiled so far (although you can certainly make some tweaks of your own as you see fit). In case you missed one of the positions or just need to refresh you memory for a certain position, you can find each and every projection right here. We'll list the locks first and then our group of 'bubble' players so that you can fill out your final 53.

Quarterback: (3) Kurt Warner, Matt Leinart and Brian St. Pierre

Running Back: (3) Chris Wells, Tim Hightower and Jason Wright

Fullback: (no locks)

Wide Receiver: (4) Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, Steve Breaston and Early Doucet

Tight End: (2) (1) Stephen Spach, Ben Patrick

Offensive Line: (6) Levi Brown, Elliot Vallejo, Herman Johnson, Reggie Wells, Brandon Keith and Lyle Sendlein

Defensive Line: (5) Darnell Dockett, Calais Campbell, Kenny Iwebema, Gabe Watson and Bryan Robinson

Inside Backers: (2) Karlos Dansby and Gerald Hayes

Outside Backers: (4) Clark Haggans, Chike Okeafor, Cody Brown and Bertrand Berry

Cornerbacks: (3) Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Bryant McFadden and Ralph Brown

Safeties: (3) Adrian Wilson, Antrel Rolle and Rashad Johnson

Specialists: (3) Neil Rackers, Ben Graham and Mike Leach

For the mathematically challenged, that's 38 roster spots 37 roster spots (carddan correctly pointed out that Patrick will not count against the roster until his suspension is lifted) that are 'locked' in but what about the remaining 15 16 spots? Here is our group of 'bubble' players for you to pick your final 15 spots. Of course you don't have to stick with our original 38, but it's a decent starting point.

Quarterback: (none)

Running Back: LaRod Stephens-Howling

Fullback: Dan Kreider, Tim Castille and Justin Green

Wide Receiver: Jerheme Urban, Sean Morey, Lance Long and Michael Ray Garvin

Tight End: Leonard Pope, Anthony Becht, Dominique Byrd and Alex Shor

Offensive Line: Mike Gandy, Oliver Ross, Deuce Lutui, Elton Brown, Trevor Canfield, Ben Claxton and Donovan Raiola

Defensive Line: Keilen Dykes, Jason Banks, Alan Branch and Rodney Leisle

Inside Backers: Ali Highsmith, Victor Hobson and Pago Togafau

Outside Backers: Will Davis

Cornerbacks: Greg Toler and Michael Adams

Safeties: Aaron Francisco, Keith Lewis, Dennis Keyes and Matt Ware


Who are your roster suprises and what veterans don't make the cut?