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Arizona Cardinals Weekly Flock: Everybody Loves Rankings Right Edition


  • Positional QB Rankings - Essentially, the Cards are 1½ players deep at QB, led of course by the veteran Warner — coming off leading the Cards to their first Super Bowl appearance. Hall of Fame or not, even in his late 30s he delivers huge passing numbers (4,583 yards, 30 TDs in 2008). The big question: If Kurt got hurt last year, could Matt Leinart have led 'Zona to the Super Bowl? Likely not, though at least Leinart's working hard this offseason.
  • Defensive tackle rankings - Darnell Dockett analysis: He is quick and relentless and was a big reason whey the Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl. His contract issue is clouding things heading into this season.
  • Top 50 Players - One name on this year's list is sure to ignite the you-know-what storm. It's Andre Johnson, the Houston Texans receiver, who is fourth on my list. Some might say he's not even the best receiver in the league -- with Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald getting the nod -- but I beg to differ.
  • Dockett wants top-5 money - No real surprise here but via Twitter: "I want to thank Rod Woodson and @jamiedukes. For picking me in the NFL TOP 5 D-tackels "I wish I can get paid like the top 5"
  • NFL's top defensive tackles - Though he fails to play to his potential consistently, few defensive tackles are capable of taking over a game like Dockett, which makes his inclusion on this list mandatory.
  • Keyshawn Johnson on Anquan Boldin - "I keep seeing where Anquan Boldin wants to be traded from Arizona, or he wants to be paid like Larry Fitzgerald,'' Johnson said. "Anquan, you're a glorified T.J. Houshmandzadeh, so cut it out. They're the same player. You want $11 million? Why don't you take the $8 million they're offering and be happy? You're not Larry Fitzgerald.''
  • Rashad Johnson's Impact - The last two times the Cardinals have drafted a safety -- Antrel Rolle doesn’t count -- it came in the third round. Adrian Wilson turned out to be a pretty good pick. Rashad Johnson hopes people will one day say the same about him.
  • The fastest Card - Who ya got? Breaston or DRC? Oh wait, should Garvin be in the race as well?

  • Where did all the MLB's go? - Most impact NFL middle-linebackers today are either relics, such as Zach Thomas and Tedy Bruschi, or hybrids playing the inside-linebacker spot in the ever-popular 3-4 defense, like Karlos Dansby and Bart Scott.
  • Rookie revelations before training camp - The front runners for NFL Offensive and Defensive Rookies of the Year are Arizona running back Chris Wells and Miami corner back Vontae Davis. Just an early guess on my part, but both players have the opportunity to shine early. The bruising Wells is the front runner to replace departed starting running back Edgerrin James in one of the NFL's most explosive offenses. Wells missed most of Arizona's off season program because of a league rule prohibiting participation from non-graduates if their college is in session, but the Ohio State product shouldn't have a problem catching up.
  • - The Fortunate 50 - #45 Antonio Smith - The former Cardinal was lured away from the defending NFC champs with a five-year deal that pays $15.5 million up front. That up front money means that only 44 other American athletes earned more money than the Strongest Right Arm in the NFL.
  • NFL overtime silent auction system? - No one seems to be satisfied with the NFL’s current “Win the coin toss, get the football” overtime system. I’ve been against changing it, though, mainly because I haven’t heard any ideas that I’ve liked better. Until today, anyway.