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Arizona Cardinals Weekly Flock: Training Camp is Finally Here Edition

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That is truly a beautiful thing (via the official site)

In case you spent all day doing actual work or living under a rock, the Arizona Cardinals reported to training camp yesterday. The first actual practice won't take place until Friday but the players took physicals yesterday and they'll have a conditioning test today. The good news is that everyone who is under contract (yes that's Boldin, Dockett and Berry) reported on time and in relatively decent spirits. The bad news is that first round pick Chris Wells is not there yet although his contract talks are ongoing. It's worth remembering that last year's first rouder Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie missed a practice or two as well, it's just the nature of the beast. With all that being said there is new aplenty so we'll jump right in (also there is a ton of audio from yesterday's media sessions after the jump)....

  • Cards Getting Started - Some news is routine. First-round draft pick Beanie Wells remained unsigned and hasn’t arrived yet. General manager Rod Graves said Wednesday evening a deal wasn’t imminent but that progress had been made during the day. With the first practice still more than a day away, Wells still has time to get a deal and not miss any time. But, as expected, everyone showed up. Everyone is healthy heading into practice. And now – unlike many other seasons – success for this particular group will be rated not on wins and losses only but reaching the postseason.
  • Berry, Triple Q and Health - Yes, Bertrand Berry didn’t attend any of the organized team activities this offseason. No, Berry insisted, it wasn’t because he was – or is – unhappy with his contract. "Rest. I just needed rest," Berry said during a good-natured media session Wednesday as the Cardinals checked in for training camp. "People have all kind of theories of why I wasn’t there, I was upset about this that, or the other. It was just rest. As I said at the end of the season, I’m not a spring chicken, I’m a summer duck. So you have to treat your body accordingly. You can’t do everything going on out there. You have to pick and choose your spots."....................Anquan Boldin was late but he had a good reason, considering that he doubled back to pick up Ali Highsmith and Early Doucet after their car broke down..............For the most part the team passed their physicals with flying colors. Stephen Spach will be monitored closely and probably won't participate in two-a-days while the team will also keep a close eye on Kenny Iwebema, but both players did officially pass their physical.
  • Wrapping up move-in day - Yadda, Yadda, Yadda, the Cardinals received their NFC Championship rings (pictured above) during a ceremony Tuesday night.
  • Opening day - Consider this a grab bag of news and notes - Everyone made 'weight' including Alan Branch who tipped the scales at a trim 332 (lowest weight since he was drafted).....Boldin and Dockett are present and accounted for and they didn't report any mysterious injuries.....Interesting note on Keilen Dykes looking especially impressive and in fantastic shape.
  • Coaches adjusting to their new roles - Coaches adjusting to their new roles, success brought about many changes on the Cardinals coaching staff this off-season.

Ktar_mediumOne of the things that ROTB hopes to bring more of this year is audio directly from the players and coaches. The greatness of KTAR has agreed to send us some audio from time to time and in exchange you can read some ROTB stories on their website. In the end, we hope everyone enjoys the audio and if nothing else you can put in some ear buds and hear Whiz talking about winning Super Bowls instead of your boss yelling at you. Here's what we got from yesterday.