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Where will DRC rank for 2009?

In 2008 the Arizona Cardinalsselected a cornerback in the 1st round with hopes that he would eventually develop into a quality starter. They and the rest of us didn't expect a rookie to nearly turn into a shut down cornerback in a matter of a couple games. DRC, or Dominique Rodgers-Cromartiehas now become in just half a year and a whole post season, one of the most exciting defenders to watch play. He's also one of the more anticipated players we would like to see as the 2009 season approaches. Halfway through the 2008 season DRC stepped in the starting role and never relinquished it. Although he only started half of the season, if we multiply his second half stats by 2, he may of finished the 2008 season with 56 tackles, 8 interceptions and 28 passes defended. One could only wonder if that would've happened, and if it did, he could've been up for ROY honors. This year though, he'll be the starter come day one and will have a season, a playoff run, and a Super Bowl appearance under his belt. Cromartie was said to have a high learning curve, and we may see how quickly that happens when next season starts. With the addition of Bryant McFaddento play along side him, it only decreases chances that teams may pick on DRC as well, although he may enjoy it being thrown at.

In a February story, released their top ten cornerback list, which didn't feature DRC. It's not shocking, as he's only going to be in his second year, but the real shock is the likes of Carlos Rogers and Cortland Finnegan. They're obviously good cornerbacks but when Fitzgerald burned Finnegan twice in the Pro Bowl, we may have seen the product of a dominant defense in 2008 in Tennessee. As far as Rogers, I do believe he is a good cornerback in the NFL, but I wouldn't say he has the better athleticism and skills then DRC...but that's just my opinion. Where would you rank DRC and do you think he's better then any of the cornerbacks on the list?