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Fun With Arizona Cardinals Audio

Our friends at KTAR have hooked us up with some great audio from this year's first round pick, Chris "Beanie" Wells and 'ole Grey Beard himself (Kurt Warner, for those not in the know). Check out the audio after the jump.

Ktar_mediumChris "Beanie" Wells: Wells talks about the rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan as well as his 2008 season, his injury history and how it effected his draft status. He also talks about starting from day one, his plans to be in camp on time and his post-career aspirations.

Kurt Warner: KW talks about his newest book which focus on how his family still comes first despite his career and stardom. He also touches on his relationship with Steve McNair and how anxious he is to get back on the field.


Overall great stuff from KTAR again and I'm sure we'll get even more audio once training camp gets started.