Geez Beanie: Rookie RB Injured in first practice in Flagstaff

What a first day for Beanie!        Php4a74f0e1c46a9_medium

Beanie Wells comes in at 3 AM after signing his first contract.  He's jacked up about being at camp at lunchtime when talking to the media.  Then in his first practice his left leg is rolled on and he's carted off with what is apparently an ankle injury. Now up here in Flagstaff with so much territory between the field and the locker room, being carted off isn't as scary as it usually is. Even a minor leg/ankle injuries usually gets the cart and hopefully that's all it is. We won't know until tomorrow afternoon's practice; there is no media availability at lunchtime on Sunday.

Damn, talk about some forces working against ya — at least Tim Hightower and Jason Wright looked good.  Wells has had the "injury prone" label through college and this initial injury flushes those memories out like bats in the bellfry.  One has to wonder if Edgerrin James is snickering in Florida right now... 

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