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Arizona Cardinals News: Brian St. Pierre Will Be the #2 QB Against the Chargers

Despite a poor showing in the Arizona Cardinals preseason opener last night, Brian St. Pierre will be the first quarterback to relieve Kurt Warner when the Chargers come to town on August 22nd. That of course means that Matt Leinart will be the third QB for the first time in his career and likely won't take any snaps until the second half. Whisenhunt said in the post game press conference that the two QB's would "flip-flop" roles next week and added that he was hesistant to judge their play after last night because BSP "didn't get a lot of help."

Leinart relieved Warner in the middle of a drive last night and played with the starters for the remainder of the drive and then primarily with the second string for the rest of the the first half. BSP started the second half but never had a drive of longer than six plays or thirty yards. Neither quarterback was great against the Steelers but St. Pierre was by far the worst. His interception turn the game in the Steelers favor and his 13.3 QB rating was the lowest of any QB who took the field, on either team.

Does this revelation from Whiz change anyone's mind about the validity of this competition?