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Cardinal of the Week: Preseason Edition

If you're new to the site, then you're probably not familiar with a segment that we rolled out last year. That is ROTB's Cardinal of the Week. You can check out all of last year's COTW awards, including any in the playoffs. As if it's not already self-explanatory, after every Cardinal game, we dish out the nominees for the Cardinal of the week. They can be the players with the best stats, or the game winning plays. It's open everybody if they wish to nominate somebody, and I'll update it as quick as possible. But I always try to nominate the players that would make the most sense. Seeing as it's the preseason, not many stats are going to stand out to anyone, but if you're not an original poster, then this is a good way to break this segment in. So here are the nominees for the COTW: Preseason Week 1 edition:

As always, feel free to nominate somebody that you feel is the Cardinal of the week.