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Non-ROTB News: Brett Favre Joins the Minnesota Vikings

I just couldn't resist and felt the need to post this breaking news. It's been 2 offseason's in a row, and 2 different teams, and Brett Favre is now possibly officially a Minnesota Viking. The news broke earlier today by Chris Mortenson, that Favre was going to sign with the Vikings, pending a physical. Apparently, that's all taken care of and he's already practicing with the team. Favre took the media on this roller coaster ride last year, announcing his retirement, then requesting to be traded. After an up, then down year with the New York Jets last year, he retired, again, this off season. Things started to spark up with talks of Favre coming out of retirement to join the Minnesota Vikings, who were in need of a quarterback. Three weeks ago, many of us thought the end was near and the Favre hoopla was over. Today things came right back into swing and Brett Favre is the newest starting quarterback for the Vikings. Over at the Daily Norsemen, they've declared it as Favrestock 2009!, and have done a pretty good job covering any breaking news, to new Favre jerseys, to Favre already being on the practice field, and that Favre will likely be in action this Friday. So although this isn't Cardinal related, (other then what Pyromnc pointed out about the Cardinals wanting revenge on that embarrassing loss to the Vikings last year, and the 6 TD performance of Brett against us), what does everybody think? I'd say this stirs up a lot of media hype for the next couple weeks, and a lot of Brett Favre highlights on NFL Network.