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With Beanie Wells Hurt Again, Should the Arizona Cardinals Sign a Running Back?

The Arizona Cardinals entered training camp with a group of running backs who boasted far more potential than actual production but with Chris Wells suffering his second ankle injury since the start of camp, you've got wonder how long the team could last with just Tim Hightower, Jason Wright and LaRod Stephens-Howling. While it's still entirely possible that Wells could play a full 16 games and carry the rock 300 times, his two ankle injuries in just four practices could be something to raise the level of concern, especially considering the lack of proven depth at the position.

It should be mentioned that Wells and the team don't seem overly concerned with the severity of his injury, but you wonder if they'll look to dip into a pool of veteran running backs if the regular season opener approaches and Wells is still hobbling. Another interesting point in this scenario is the contract status. Any veteran that is signed prior to the team's first game has basically a guaranteed contract but if the team waits until after their first game, then the contract isn't guaranteed and it's basically just a week to week agreement. That might not mean a great deal considering that anyone who is brought in will most likely be paid close to the veteran minimum, but it's still worth mentioning. The question remains though, is it time to start considering a veteran running back as an insurance policy?