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Arizona Cardinal of the Week: Preseason Week 2

As we move on to the Cardinal of the week for the second preseason game, another rookie may already have won it. But before we get that far, congrats to Michael Ray Garvin for winning last weeks COTW award. Unfortunately for him, he may lose his spot on the team after injuring his knee during practice last week. This week, after a loss to the Sand Diego Chargers on Saturday, we have a new set of nominees. You can be sure that a certain special teams standout will likely grab the coveted award again this week. Here are the nominees for the Cardinal of the week: Preseason edition:

  • LaRod Stephens-Howling - LaRod, or LSH, literally came out of the tunnel running, as he returned the opening kick off 89 yards. He would later take a kick off for 63 yards before being tackled. That led to the Chargers squib-kicking the ball away from LSH on the following kick off.
  • Greg Toler - Although Toler didn't make any spectacular plays, he was picked on the by the Chargers, and was able to play through it for most of the time he was on the field. Toler was able to manage 7 tackles for the whole game, which is impressive as he only played half of it.
  • Calais Campbell - On the list again, Campbell had an even more impressive performance then last week, making one sack and recording 2 tackles. In just the second preseason game, Campbell has already shown why the Cardinals made the right choice drafting him in the second round.
  • Tim Hightower - Hightower has already wiped away memories of that 2.9 ypc average from a year ago, averaging 4.7 ypc on Saturday against the Chargers. Every game that Hightower plays like this and Wells sits out, secures his spot as the team's starting running back.
  • Those are the nominees for the Arizona Cardinal of the week. Is there anybody else that you feel should be added to the list? Can we expect to see these same players after Friday's game against the Packers?