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Arizona Cardinals vs Green Bay Packers: Who will have the biggest impact?

Today we are nearly done with the preseason, as game time for the Cardinals third preseason game approaches in the next few hours. The Cardinals take on the Green Bay Packers, and before the game starts, you have to ask yourself, who will have the biggest impact on tonight's game? That is the question you were asking yourself all week right? Well if not, either way we'll go over the potential players that may have an impact on tonight's game. Last week I was dead off in listing the candidates, but nobody called me out for it, so I'm safe. Here's this week's:

LaRod Stephens-Howling - There's no way he's getting left off of the list this week, as LSH is on everybody's mind heading into this game. LSH fulfilled many of our hopes, that he could be a threat in the return game, when he had over 150 return yards last week. He should get the nod this week as the head returner, and he can all but wrap up a roster spot, if he has at least one successful return.

Kurt Warner - Tonight we finally see a bit more of Warner then what we've seen so far in the preseason. If he does play through the second quarter, may we finally see a preseason touchdown from the starting offense? Warner has already expressed his dis-concern with the offense so far, but some sort of chemistry should be formed in the preseason if any.

Jerheme Urban - Urban steps into Anquan Boldin's shoes tonight, and he should get a considerable amount of playing time. Urban has already received great reviews coming out of camp, and now we can see how far he's come along as he'll be facing the 1st string defense of the Packers.

Will Davis - With the loss of Cody Brown still floating around in Cardinal news, Davis is the next rookie linebacker in the spotlight. Davis has already progressed quite well so far in the preseason, and he will need to continue that trend now that Brown is done for the season. Davis may get more playing time tonight, possibly making an impact on this game.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie - Green Bay will likely test the waters early and see just how much the Cardinals secondary has improved(see first play from last week). DRC is our top corner and he'll likely line up across from Greg Jennings. The Packers have already shown how good their offense can be so far this preseason, and if DRC is able to keep Jennings quiet, it should have a significant impact on this game.

Calais Campbell - For the second straight week he'll make the list of candidates. In week 1, Campbell showed his defense against the run, and nearly recorded a safety. Last week he was more dominant, pushing a Charger lineman out of the way for a sack. Since he'll play more this week and he's progressed already each week, how could I not put him on this list?

As I've stated before, it's likely that another player will emerge from the pack to have an impact on this game just as LSH did last week. Is there anybody on the list you disagree with? Who do you believe will have an impact on this game?