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Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Coverage: Larry Fitzgerald, Ken Whisenhunt, Matt Leinart and More

One of the best things about training camp is that players and coaches can't really go anywhere before or after or between practice and that normally leads to tons of interviews. Our friends at KTAR have been working overtime booking various Arizona Cardinals' players, coaches and members of the front office and they're kind enough to pass along some of that audio to ROTB. If there are any guys who you've been wanting to hear from, you're in the right place. Check out our audio mailbag......

Ktar_mediumNew defensive coordinator Bill Davis talks about cutting down on some of the 'verbage' in the playbook and adding some blitz packages that have worked for him in the past. He talks about his experience (and lack of control) in San Francisco, his early days in Pittsburgh, the challenges facing Antrel Rolle in the move to free safety and the progression of Calais Campbell.

Brian St. Pierre talks about the competition for the backup QB job. He understands that he'll have to vastly outperform Matt Leinart but he's looking forwards to the chance to compete.

Free safety Antrel Rolle talks about his second year as free safety and spends quite a bit of time talking about his goals this coming season. He touches on the possibility of returning punts and his contract status for the 2010 season.

Head coach top dog Ken Whisenhunt talks with Doug and Wolf about the fan presence in training camp, Beanie's ankle, the SB losers' curse, the leadership of his veteran players and his concerns heading into training camp.

Everybody's favorite wide receiver, the great Larry Fitzgerald talks about his fear of failure, dedication to being one of the greatest players ever, Lance Long's abilities, the three best wide receivers in the history of the game and his goal of ten (or more) wins this season. Fitz also talks his latest charity venture.

General manager Rod Graves talks to KTAR about the difference between this year's camp and previous years, Anquan Boldin's status with the team, building an established winner, the possibility of Michael Vick or Brett Favre and he talks about rookies who have impressed during camp thus far.

New co-offensive coordinator Mike Miller talks about the challenges of moving from wide receivers coach to a coordinator spot, refocusing after last season, the differences between himself and Todd Haley and playing his hometown team in the Super Bowl last year.