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Official ROTB Fantasy Football League

You know football season has arrived when we start talking about fantasy football and what better place to prove your football savvy than right here at ROTB among your Cardinals' peers. We will have multiple leagues but to get things started we need a sign in sheet so consider this an open call for any and all that want to partake in the Official ROTB Fantasy Football League (yes I know there was a previous post about the league but we jumped the gun so disregard).

Just like last  year, our league will be AOL's Fleaflicker but unlike last year, we'll have multiple leagues (so don't get upset if you don't make it into this first league). We'll have more information on leagues very soon, but first we've got to fill up this league.

To jump on board all you have to do is follow this link and set up your team.The league password is AZROTB.

Last but certainly not least, if you make it into this first league I need you to send an email to so that we can go over some details. If you don't send the email you will miss out on some very important information and be left outside in the freezing rain (or 110 degree weather depending on where you are).

If you want to a spot in a league, but it's already full please leave a comment in this thread and we will do our best to accomodate everyone. That's it for now but check back very soon for some info on our 'overflow' leagues.


UPDATE:  Hawkwind has set up a second RotB league on ESPN.  This will be a twelve team league.  Send Hawk an e-mail if you're on the waiting list and would like to participate (see comments below for current list and the bottom of the page has Hawk's e-mail link).  If there's three more interested members, RotBFFL2 can be a 16 team league.  If we get more than that a third league can be spun off.   CG, can you pass along the scoring system for Flea Flicker so the two league's scores can be compared equivalently for a RotB "super bowl" if need be. Guy's, no one freak out because we are going to make sure everyone gets into a FF league. The response has been much more than we expected but what can we say, little old ROTB is growing up.