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Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Coverage: Update on Keilen Dykes Jason Banks

Ken Whisenhunt just met with the media and it's a good news, bad news scenerio for the Arizona Cardinals defensive ends. The good news is that Keilen Dykes has quad strain that the team will keep a close eye on but it should hold him out more than a couple days. The bad news is that Jason Banks has a meniscus tear in his knee that, according to Whiz, will likely need surgery. There isn't a timetable for his return but I think it's safe to safe it won't be anytime soon and this will effectively end his bid for a roster spot. If you remember correctly we projected that the fourth DE spot would come down to either Dykes or Banks and this injury might have cleared up that discussion.

As for practice today, Whiz said it would be light (helmets and shorts) to give the guys a rest after last night's spirited session.