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Caption this Pic: Arizona Cardinals (Training Camp 2009) Style

First, congratulations to last weeks winner, sc464 who took home the invisible trophy with four votes/recs. SC led this week wire to wire considering that he was the first one to submit a caption and received the first vote.

With training now a week old we had tons of pictures to choose from and we tried to find one of someone new but everyone's favorite 38 year old QB is just to photogenic. To see a full gallery of the pictures from training camp, just click on Warner and BSP to check them out. As we said last week, if you're new this site and/or game, first of all shame on you, but welcome nonetheless. Secondly the rules are simple and the more active everyone is in creating your option caption and voting for your favorite, or favorites, the more fun it is for everyone. We've been getting more and more active, especially with the voting, as the week's go by so let's set a new record this week. As always, the winner will receive bragging rights about all things Cardinals until the next 'caption this pic' contest. Instructions for recommending are after the jump. Enjoy.

To recommend a comment, all  you have to do is click on the link that says "actions" under a comment and then "recommend." Got it?