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Arizona Cardinal of the Week: Preseason Week 3

Well the dust has settled, and although I must admit I watched the second half of Friday's game on Saturday, I was surprised the Cardinals almost won the game. And before I move on, I think I saw Jordy Nelson still running through Glendale, with DRC not far behind him. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Anyway, let's congratulate last week's winner of the COTW, LaRod Stephens-Howling for his returns against the Chargers. This week, there almost wouldn't have been a COTW if there wasn't a second half to Friday's game against the Packers. Here's the list of nominees:

Matt Leinart: Queue the Matt Leinart talk because he looked ridiculous on Friday. Leinart was able to come out in the second half last week and absolutely erupt. True the Cardinals hardly ran, and true it was against the Packer back ups, but isn't that what he's supposed to do? 350+ yards and 3 touchdowns in 2 quarters is great to me, considering the fact that he had a 2nd string line protecting him and didn't have Fitz, Q, or Breaston.

Chris Wells: Welcome to the NFL Beanie. Wells showed every Cardinal fan on Friday, why we drafted him in the first round in April. Wells hit the hole hard, and strong. His first run was a bounce to the outside, in which he picked up the first down. As far as his touchdown, I'm still in aw as he ran beautifully to the end zone. If this is a sign of things to come, I think our offense will be just fine, especially with the way Tim Hightower is running.

Early Doucet: Early redeemed himself after dropping a clear touchdown on Friday. He filled in for Q and for a moment, I thought that end around touchdown was Boldin. Although the two point conversion failed, we now learned that Doucet was playing with injured ribs through the second half, which makes his stats even more impressive.

Will Davis: Davis makes the cut because of his play to open up the second half. He showed some promise, and he seemed to play with a fire burning. Cody Brown's injury may have been a wake up call for Davis, and that's good with the release of Pago Togafau yesterday.

That's it for this weeks list, and we can only be lucky that there actually is a list. This week's game comes early on Thursday and you can be sure that next week's nominees will likely be 2nd or 3rd string players. Is there anybody else you think should be added to the list?