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RotB Pick'em: Week 1 Results & Week 2 Picks

An exciting first week of games have come to a close and the RotB Pick'em League is off to a busy start.  Most picks were focused on one team with many upsets averted at the last moment (Steelers, Patriots, Chargers).  It will take a couple of weeks for the standings to separate with 16 tied for first initially.  The Weeks Played and Weeks Won Points will hopefully sort out any lingering ties down the road.  It's a long season with plenty of time to make a run at the Pick'em League Championship.  The Week 2 Selected Games are ready for your prognostication after the jump.

                                                                       Pick'em Standings Through Week 1

Username Correct Wrong % Weeks Played Weeks Won Pts

Andrew602, b0rd3rline, Phil7178, Red Reign, JoeCB1991, Bezekira, KDean75, Giannaros, card-deville, Thomaldo,  bcloirao, Chg91, azcardswinez, sc464, robloosli, Travis23

7 1 0.875 1 0.06

Hawkwind, Irishcardinal, Carddan, TBru, Desert_Bird_Watcher, don f, Pyromnc, CARDstuckinVA, Hibernian, CardsIrish, AJ Birdwatcher, Drullin’OverDaCards, Undrafteds,Tim V, CARDSxFAN32, SenSurround

6 2 0.750 1 0
StuckinColorado, Cuckoo for Coco Puffs, kj197728, jallred350, Xquizyt, hevchv 5 3 0.625 1 0
thereallacardsfan 3 5 0.375 1 0

Week 2 Pick'em Selected Games

Away Home Date/Time (ET) Network DirecTV
ARI JAC Sun, 1 PM FOX 708
NO PHI Sun, 1 PM FOX 710
OAK KC Sun, 1 PM CBS 705
TB BUF Sun, 4:05 PM FOX 713
SEA SF Sun, 4:15 PM FOX 714
PIT CHI Sun, 4:15 PM CBS 715
NYG DAL Sun, 8:20 PM NBC
IND MIA Mon, 8:30 PM ESPN 206