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Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Forecasts: Week 2



The Week 1 Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Player of the week:  Tim Hightower, RB.

Tim surprised many by being able to step up for career high receptions and receiving yards (12 receptions for 121 yards) when the offense sputtered due to pressure on Kurt Warner and of course the often talked about "funk" that the Arizona offense is currently in.

As you can see in the table below it's projected that the "funk" comes to an end this week when the Cardinals visit the Jaguars who last week gave up 301 yards and 1 TD through the air to QB Peyton Manning and 162 yards and 1 TD to WR Reggie Wayne, which is especially good news for fantasy owners who were disappointed by some of their high round draft picks putting up single digit numbers last week.

As per the settings of the Revenge of the Birds Fantasy Football Leagues on, this is the Fantasy Football Forecast for our Arizona Cardinals and Injury Report:

Player Playing Status Prev Wk Pts Projected Pts Own %
Kurt Warner, QB 11 18 100
Larry Fitztgerald, WR 13 16 100
Anquan Bodlin, WR  Questionable 1 14 100
Steve Breaston, WR  Questionable 0 4 89.7 (-3.4)
Jerheme Urban, WR   7 1 0.3
Early Doucet, WR  Questionable 0 0 0.1
Tim Hightower, RB 13 7 91.7(+3.2)
Chris "Beanie" Wells, RB 2 9 94.7(-2.8)
Cardinals D/ST 6 2 4.6(-0.8)
Neil Rackers 12 3 88.5(+2)...
Matt Leinart 0 0 1.3(-0.6)


Fantasy player news and analysis after the jump.

Fantasy Player News

Cardinals D/ST - After only giving up 203 yards of offense against the 49ers the Cardinals Defense is looking very impressive. It's early so we need to see how good of a starter they are, but based off of lasts weeks display they seem like a good start versus a run first offense, but remain a good bye week replacement until they begin generating INT's or running back TD's on special teams. The Cardinals Defense is available in 95.4% of leagues and should be watched in case the time is right or there is a good match up.

Jerheme Urban - While the Cardinals no. 2/3 receivers are in a state of flux due to injury Urban could be a good pick up on the waiver wire to fill a no. 3 slot in your line up as displayed in last weeks performance netting seven points. After the number of yards the Jaguars gave up through the air last week, Urban may be in for a 5-10 point week as Warner spreads the ball around just as Peyton did last week. Urban is available in 99.7% of leagues.

Hightower or Wells? - Wondering who to start this week? Well the safe answer is Hightower, especially after last weeks performance. He is the starter and he's playing with confidence to maintain his starting position. Though through Wells' limited showing it's apparent he's on the verge of breaking out a big run for TD and showing his worth as a number one draft pick. Wells may not break off his big play this week against a stout Jag's run defense, but my prediction is that he will become very fantasy relevant very soon.

Matt Leinart - The essential handcuff for Warner owners.

Projected Week 2 Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Player of the week: Kurt Warner (This will be the week he gets his rhythm back)

Who do you think will be the Cardinals Fantasy Football Player of the Week?