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Caption This Arizona Cardinals Style: Week 2

Congratulations to Irishcardinal whose "One of these days the cheerleaders are going to wave back at me, Ben" won the first week's caption for Neil Rackers with seven votes.  This week, a look says it all but what is Sean really saying?  Fabricate something clever and vote (click on "actions" and click on "rec") the captions that give you a chuckle.

Caption This Leaderboard

Username Votes Weeks Won
Irishcardinal 7 1
fansincejakendrob 3 0
azcardswinez 2 0
Desert_Bird_Watcher 2 0
AJ Birdwatcher 1 0
Andrew602 1 0
jonny-yuma 1 0
ajotanelsona 1 0