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ROTB Community Projections 2009: Kurt Warner

As the regular season nears (you realize that we're just ten days away right?) we've got to start up our annual community projections. Of course since this is only our second season in operation, it's only the second annual but hopefully this year the response will be quite a bit larger than last year. The rules of the game are pretty simple, post the stats that you think each player will accumulate over the course of the season. We'll hit a different player each day leading up to the season opener and then after the season ends we'll look back and see right or wrong we all were.

To get the ball rolling we'll start with everyone's favorite grey bearded quarterback, Kurt Warner. Warner had a great year in 2008 setting career highs in completions and attempts along with throwing for over 4,500 yards while completing 67.1% of his passes and throwing 30 touchdown passes. He set team records in attempts, completions, completion percentage, touchdowns and QB rating while also taking the Cardinals to their first ever Super Bowl appearance. The challenge for Warner this season will be not only to duplicate last year's success but also to stay healthy. He's never played two full season consecutively but he also hasn't missed a game due to injury since 2003. 

Now it's your turn, post your projection in the comment section using this format (preferably in the comment title):

Attempts, Completions, (Comp %), Yards, Yds Per Attempt, TDs and Interceptions

If you're feeling frogging you can add anything extra that you want such as games played, fumbles, stats for Matt Leinart, Brian St. Pierre or even Tyler Palko.