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Arizona Cardinals Fly Around the NFC West

It's been a while since we've covered the other three teams in the NFC West, and after an exciting week two of games, now's the time. We know whats been going on with the Cardinals. They lost an agonizing first game only to win on the east coast against the Jaguars. In week two, the 49ers and the Seahawks played each other, while the Rams played the Redskins.


  • Apparently Matt Hasselbeck just can't stay healthy anymore. Against the 49ers yesterday, Hasselbeck broke a rib on a play similar to what Donovan McNabb suffered last week. Hasselback stated that he was feeling better afterward, but you can be sure he's likely out next week.
  • At Fieldgulls, John Morgan looks into the productivity of Matt Hasselbecks injury related decline. As tight lipped as the NFL can be about injury reports, it's obvious that Hasselback hasn't played great coming off or during an injury.
  • At the newstribune, they're wondering what happened to the Seahawks defense. So am I. They allowed two runs of 79 and 80 yards by Frank Gore, one being the first play of the second half.


  • The 49ers have filed tampering charges against the New York Jets. A New York newspaper reported that the Jets were looking for a "big name receiver", after failing to draft Percy Harvin in the 2009 draft. Jets head coach Rex Ryan said, "I think it's ridiculous, personally."
  • In case you missed it, Frank Gore completely flip-flopped from his week one performance, rushing for 207 yards against the Seahawks. This either makes the Cardinals defense look that good, or the Seahawks defense look that bad. Either way it's good to know for Cardinal fans. Here's a look from Niner Nation.
  • Patrick Willis defends his hit on quarterback Matt Hasselback saying that he knew it wasn't an illegal hit. After McNabbsuffered a hit to the back against the Panthers last week, you can imagine that the league may be looking into these hits very soon.


  • The Rams received a scare yesterday when rookie tackle Jason Smith injured his knee. Reports were good, as it will not require surgery. Smith should be back on the field for the Rams in a few weeks.
  • At Stltoday, they grade the Rams performance against the Redskins yesterday. The team feels it was an improvement over the goose egg they dropped the week before against the Seahawks. I don't how much a 7 point difference makes.
  • Also from Stltoday, they take a look at an improving Rams defense. It had been nearly 2 years since the last time the defense didn't allow a touchdown. They only gave up three field goals against the Redskins yesterday. Ah if only they could score on offense now.