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Arizona Cardinals Weekly Flock: Fitzgerald Tweets and Warner's Shoulder

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So what's the big news after the Arizona Cardinals first win of the season in dominating fashion, how about the twitter account of guy who has no affiliation with the team. That's right, the twitter barrage by Marcus Fitzgerald (Fitz's younger brother) has been making most of the news this week despite a record breaking performance by Kurt Warner, two fumbles from Beanie Wells and a solid defensive effort. Such is the world we live in. We've tried to let the dust settle on this story before bringing it to ROTB and so far it's dying down as you would expect. Fitz and Warner are just to classy and important to this team for this to remain an issue for any extended period of time.

  • Friction between Fitzgerald, Warner? - A reader mentioned to us earlier tonight that Marcus Fitzgerald, the younger brother of Cardinals All-World wideout Larry Fitzgerald, posted some Twitter messages during Sunday's Arizona-Jacksonville game suggesting the beginnings of a rift between Larry and quarterback Kurt Warner. Among other things, [younger brother] Fitzgerald says that Larry "texted him pissed off" during halftime, even though the Cardinals were leading by 21 points. In the same tweet, Marcus Fitzgerald opined that Warner plays "like a damn 80 year old." Marcus also offered this assessment of Warner's play: "Kurt warner needs 2 stop bein a scary ass & throw the ball deep 2 my brother! damn this is annoying 2 watch! he throws 2 the rb's 2 damn much."
  • Marcus Fitzgerald tries to clean up his mess - The younger brother of Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald hasn't been blessed with the same degree of football skills. But, by all appearances, Marcus Fitzgerald (who is on the preseason roster of the UFL's California Redwoods) didn't make up for the relative lack of physical prowess by acquiring an abundance of smarts. Larry Fitzgerald has consistently shown that he knows what to say and what not to say when the public is paying attention. In one afternoon of frustration, however, Marcus has thrown a wrench into that carefully constructed image.
  • Kurt Warner shrugs off Fitzgerald frustrations - In a Tuesday spot on The Jim Rome Show, guest-hosted by Bickley and MJ of Xtra Sports 910 in Phoenix, Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner adroitly handled questions regarding Twitter posts from the brother of receiver Larry Fitzgerald suggesting that the All-Planet wideout is frustrated by a lack of touches. "He's gonna have his times and he's gonna have his moments and I'm not just gonna go back there and force something to Larry to get him the ball," Warner said. "You know I'm like anybody else, if I can throw the ball to [Anquan Boldin] and [Larry Fitzgerald] every time, I will do that."
  • Fitz tweets - Darren Urban explains the Fitzgerald brother tweeting fiasco.
  • Rotation Keeps D-Line Fresh, Productive - Darren Urban takes a look at various notes from the game including the defensive line rotation, Warner's shoulder and an injury update.
  • Set a Record, Quiet The Critics - Urban looks at Kurt Warner's record setting day and also reveals that a re-aggravation of his sore shoulder was the reason he came out of the game in the third quarter.
  • Getting Beanie With The Program - Beanie Wells better hang on to the ball. The rumor is that every time it hits the ground this week, Beanie has to put $200 into a pot that will eventually go to charity, all while hopefully teaching a lesson.
  • Upon further review - Kent Somers finally got a chance today to watch the replay of Sunday's game and a few things jumped out at him including Gabe Watson, Alan Branch, Keilen Dykes and LaRod Stephens-Howling among others.
  • Catching the breaks - Kent Somers has some post-game thoughts about the lucky breaks that went the Cards way.
  • Colts vs. Cardinals Preview - Check out this very well written preview of Sunday's big matchup.