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Arizona Cardinals Power Rankings Round Up

With week two pretty much over and done with, here's one last look at where the Cardinals stand in most web site's power rankings. The Cardinals never amounted higher then 5th all of last year with ESPN's power rankings, so why am I not surprised that they've slipped a spot after winning a game on Sunday?

From #17 to #18

Beating the Colts at home in Week 3 would validate the Cardinals' blowout victory at Jacksonville while potentially forcing a tie atop the NFC West.


Did Todd Haley sneak back to the desert to scream at the Cardinals’ offensive players last week, or did Ken Whisenhunt’s threat to bench people who commit penalties do the trick?

From #18 to #17

Kurt Warner and the offense played well against Jacksonville, with Warner doing what he wanted, and now might have to get in a shootout with Peyton Manning. Lots of passing that night will make for a fun game. 



From #10 to #14

NO WORRIES: Take that, Jimmy Johnson and Michael Strahan. The two FOX NFL Sunday analysts strongly declared Arizona's season over before kickoff in Week 2, but the Cards looked like their playoff selves in wrecking the Jaguars.

Sporting News
From #19 to #17

How Kurt Warner fares vs. the Colts' pass rush will be interesting Sunday night.

Pro Football Weekly

Fitting that Warner tosses NFL's all-time most accurate game.
Average rating from's experts

What if sports
#7 - Probably the most surprising ranking, What If Sports simulates every match up 100 times and ranks teams by their winning percentage.

ROTB's Power Rankings among editors:

  1. Giants
  2. Saints
  3. Vikings
  4. Ravens
  5. Colts
  6. Falcons
  7. Steelers
  8. Jets
  9. Eagles
  10. Patriots
  11. Packers
  12. Cardinals
  13. Chargers
  14. Cowboys
  15. 49ers
  16. Titans
  17. Bears
  18. Dolphins
  19. Bills
  20. Texans
  21. Broncos
  22. Seahawks
  23. Redskins
  24. Bengals
  25. Panthers
  26. Raiders
  27. Chiefs
  28. Jaguars
  29. Buccaneers
  30. Browns
  31. Lions
  32. Rams

When they say it's a "what have you done for me lately league", they mean it. Team's who luckily got to a good head start against weaker competition, shot right up to the top in most power rankings. How and where would you rank the Cardinals?