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Arizona Cardinals vs Indianapolis Colts: Who has the Edge?

This is something new that I'd like to get going each week. It's pretty obvious but compares the Cardinals to their opponents for that week and who has the "edge" and why. I'll try to keep it as non biased as possible and if I do, don't hesitate to pull out the homer alarm. Anyway, this is extremely self explanitory already, so I should probably be quiet now.






This was a close one but Peyton Manning
is the best quarterback in the
league right now, while Kurt Warner is just
starting to get his groove back.



Both teams have young talented
running backs, but the Cardinals have
more rushing yards for the season
and more yards per rush. Aside from
fumbling, Wells has already shown
glimpses of being great too.



If Gonzalez were playing this would 
be much closer. Right now, Reggie Wayne
just doesn't stack up to Fitz, Q, and
Breaston alone. After Wayne on the
depth chart, there is a huge
question mark as well.



This one was easy. The Cardinals 
may have the worst tight end corps
in the league, while Dallas Clark is
number one in total receiving yards
after two weeks. See the Monday night
football game this week.



While the Cardinals offensive line
played considerably better last week,
they aren't going to be better then the
Colts offensive line. They've only allowed
1 sack this season, while the Cardinals
have allowed 3.



This was another close one and if 
I were going on personnel alone, the
Colts would have the edge. But going
by the numbers, the Cards have the 4th
rush D, and 8 sacks, while the Colts have
the 30th rush D and 3 sacks.



When it came down to it, both teams 
linebackers are solid. While the top three
linebackers on the Colts have more tackles,
the top three linebackers on the Cardinals
have more sacks. Gary Brackett is also
day-to-day right now and his status is
uncertain for Sunday.



Again, if this came down to personnel, I'd 
give this to DRC and BMac. But the Colts
don't have the number one defense
against the pass for nothing. They've played
non-passing teams so far, but the Cardinals
have also.



If Bob Sanders was playing, I'd 
say this could be a split. But since
he'll likely be out, the Colts safeties
just don't beat out pro bowler Adrian Wilson,
and play maker Antrel Rolle.



The teams split mainly due to stats. The 
Cardinals have better kick return coverage,
while the Colts have better punt return
coverage. Ben Graham is slightly netting
more yards then Pat McAfee, and I would
have to say Adam Vinatieri has the edge
over Neil Rackers.



Jim Caldwell has done a great job up 
until this point and I'm sure he'll have a
great first season. However, you can't put a 
rookie head coach ahead of a coach that
recently took his team to the Super Bowl. 

If I can count correctly, which I believe I can, the Cardinals have the edge 7-6(counting the splits to both sides). Obviously, some of the positions could go either way. I was torn on a few and used the stats from this year to pick a side. Who has the edge in your book?