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Arizona Cardinals Gamemaker: Week 2 @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Welcome to one of the many new segments that we're presenting here at Revenge of the Birds, called Gamemakers and Gamebreakers.

This weekly segment will try to break down one play that either won the game or lost the game for the Arizona Cardinals in their previous weeks match up. The key to this segment is an in depth breakdown of the selected play starting with formation shifts before the snap and ending when the ball carrier is brought down and the whistle is blown. I hope to capture all actions which lead to the big play either working or failing, and all of the players involved that might have been missed during your first viewing of the game. This segment is still in development so your feedback will help it grow into something great.

Week 2 Gamemaker:  @ 11:51 2nd Quarter - DE Calais Campbell (93) blocks a 46 yard field goal attempt, recovered by FS Antrel Rolle (21) and returned for a touchdown.



The full breakdown after the jump. Don't miss it!


Figure 1 - The line up, notice NT Gabe Watson (98) is lined up in the A gap off of the long snappers right shoulder and to his left DE Calais Campbell (93)


Figure 1.1 -  The line up - side view


Figure 2 - Watson engages the long snapper and opens a wide gap allowing Campbell to get deep penetration


Figure 2.1 - Side view. Pay particular attention to the amount of room that Campbell has thanks to Watson pushing the long snapper to his right.


Figure 3 - Campbell closes the distance to the kicker with arms raised for the block


Figure 3.1 - Side view, ball has not been kicked...


Figure 5 - That blurry spot above Campbell's are is the ball ricocheting off of his forearm and straight up into the air...



Figure 6 - The Cardinals protection in the back field stands back and watches the ball bounce off of Campbell, but notice Antrel Rolle's eyes are on the ball...


Figure 7 - Rolle and LB Gerald Hayes (54) both see that the ball is coming down in bounds and make a play for the ball while SS Adrian Wilson (24) jumps in celebration ... (the ball is just above the time in the shot above)


Figure 8 - Rolles' speed allows him to catch the blocked FG attempt, and notice that he already has two blockers moving into position and a wide open field in front of him.


Figure 9 - Rolle heads for the sideline to get away from the cluster of players in the middle of the field and make his breakaway for the endzone but two Jacksonville defenders look to push Rolle out of bounds...


Figure 10 - But Rolle makes a quick cut  blowing past the two defenders with plenty of help on the way...


Figure 11 - Rolle's great vision and pace allow him to make the cut and see the lanes that his blockers are setting up for him. It's hard to see in the photo but up field from these blocks he has two more blockers Campbell (93) and Haggans (53) down field at the 44 and 47 yard line waiting to caravan him to the endzone.


Figure 12 - Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee (10) hopes to act as the safety and push Rolle out of bounds...



Figure 13 - But upfield and off camera CB Bryant McFadden (25) sees him and comes back for the block saving the play...


Figure 14 - Two defenders are in Rolle's path, but he sets up the cut...


Figure 15 - The 2nd cut by Rolle takes the defenders momentum away and stops their progress allowing him to continue moving the ball down the field closer to the endzone...


Figure 16 - One last man to beat....



Figure 17 - and Touchdown!

Everyone on the Special Teams unit really shined throughout the entire play, starting with the great push by Watson, the block, Rolle's catch and run, and last but not least then the hustle of the ST unit to pave the way for Rolle all the way to the endzone!

With the first Gamemaker in the books, what can we do to make this segment even better?