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'Caption This' Arizona Cardinals Style: Week 3

Congratulations to ajotanelsona for not only having the hardest name to pronounce, but winning last weeks 'Caption This', "The brain? Is that the one up here?" with five votes. This week, I couldn't pass up the picture above. It doesn't feature a Cardinal, but it was during the Cardinals/Jaguars game. Fabricate something clever and vote (click on "actions" and click on "rec") the captions that give you a chuckle.

Caption This Leader Board

Username Votes Weeks
Irishcardinal 9 1
ajotanelsona 6 1
fansincejakendrop 3 0
azcardswinez 2 0
Desert_Bird_Watcher 2 0
Andrew602 2 0
AJBirdwatcher 1 0
jonny-yuma 1 0
Suns' Sensei 1 0
sc464 1 0
Sir Whirly 1 0