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Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Forecasts: Week 3


The Week 2 Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Player of the week: Cardinals D/ST, 2nd place goes to Warner.

While Kurt Warner played a record setting week against the Jacksonville Jaguars, and has had a game ball and his jersey entered into the NFL Hall of Fame for breaking the highest consecutive completion percentage in a regular season game, it was the defense and special teams unit who was the fantasy star of Week 2.

The blocked field goal attempt by DE Calais Campbell (93) and the recovery and return for a touchdown by FS Antrelle Rolle (21) made the highlight reels, but more importantly, fantasy owners appreciated the 6 points from the TD, in addition to the interception by DRC, the two fumble recovery's, and the sacks that the defense generated.

Of course, the talk of the week was how explosive the offense played. The offense did generate some good fantasy numbers, with Kurt Warner (17 points) and Tim Hightower (14 points) being the respective number two and three fantasy earners last week.

In the week 3 battle of the offenses the unit that will be the highest fantasy earners, according to projections, will be the Arizona Cardinals ground game. Tim Hightower has averaged 14 fantasy points in most leagues over the last two weeks, and is projected to average 14 again this week against the Colts run defense which has given up 239 rushing yards (4.8 YPC) and two rushing TDs in Week 2 to the Dolphins.

If you have RB Chris "Beanie" Wells (26), I say play him as your flex if you've got him, because I think this is the week he breaks off a big one.

As per the settings of the Revenge of the Birds Fantasy Football Leagues on, this is the Fantasy Football Forecast for our Arizona Cardinals and Injury Report:

Player Playing Status Prev Wk Pts Projected Pts Own %
Kurt Warner, QB Probable 17 10 100
Larry Fitztgerald, WR 9 11 100
Anquan Bodlin, WR Probable 5 4 100
Steve Breaston, WR Questionable 8 4 84.1(-5.6)
Jerheme Urban, WR 2 2 0.2(-0.2)
Early Doucet, WR Probable 0 0 0
Tim Hightower, RB 14 14 93.4(+1.7)
Chris "Beanie" Wells, RB 1 4 90.6(-4.1)
Cardinals D/ST 22 5 7.3(+2.7)
Neil Rackers 6 14 84.7
Matt Leinart 0 0 1.3(-0.6)

Fantasy player news and analysis after the jump.

Fantasy Player News

Larry Fitzgerald - Some owners are wondering where there number one or number two pick is compared to his last year stats. The answer is, he's in a double coverage. But don't let that make you too angry, as Fitz has one touchdown in each of the two games and with Kurt Warner and the offense getting back into sync Larry will have a big game soon, though I think against a smart Colts pass defense this week 11 point projection is a safe. let's call it 50+ yards and 1TD.

Tim Hightower - Hightower has averaged 14 points each week since the season began, and since the Cardinals drafted Beanie Wells with their number one pick, it is widely believed that it is only a matter of time before Wells is named the starter. Hightower owners can breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that one of their top RB's will continue to see many touches for the foreseeable future due mainly to outstanding play as a safety net for Kurt Warner and a productive ground game. Surprisingly Hightower is available in 6.4% of leagues, if he's available in yours pick him up ASAP.

Chris "Beanie" Wells - The number of people owning Wells in their fantasy roster has dropped off by 4.1% due mainly to the realization that he has all of the physical tools to be a NFL starter, but it's going to take time for him to transition to playing at the highest level. His recent fumbles and a few rookie moments in his first two games have some owners seeing that it won't be any time soon that he takes the number one spot from Tim Hightower, but anyone who has seen him play knows that he's a great flex play each week, because he's a constant threat for breaking off the big play. Personally, I think it will be this week versus the Colts.

Neil Rackers - Rackers is projected to have a surprising 14 fantasy points this week. While he did miss one Field Goal attempt last week, Rackers plays exceedingly well at home in the safety of the University of Phoenix dome. Rackers is currently owned in only 84.7% of leagues and is an immediate Kicker number one. Take a look at who your kicker is playing against this week and consider picking up Rackers if he's available in your league.

Projected Week 3 Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Player of the week: RB Tim Hightower

Who do you think will be the Cardinals Fantasy Football Player of the Week?