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Arizona Cardinal of the Week: Week 3

Another week's gone, and so are some hopes that the Cardinals would retain the helm of the NFC, which in fact looks out of reach after starting 1-2. True, it was a tough first three weeks, but losing the first two games at home is a tough pill to swallow. After throwing my remote through the wall last night, and venting any other anger I had, I finally cooled off today. Although I don't think anyone deserves to be the COTW, the show must go on. Before we look at the nominees, congratulations to Kurt Warner for dominating last week, gathering 302 votes for Cardinal of the week(My, have times changed). This week, I'll keep the list short and sweet.

Steve Breaston: Breaston was able to stay open for a large portion of this game, and appears that Kurt does rely on Breaston to play, more then we had once thought. He's the underrated receiver on the team, but may be the most important to the offense.

Anquan Boldin: Boldin quietly put together a solid game last night. For somebody that we've grown accustomed to hearing complain the last couple seasons, he's remained virtually silent thus far this year. He also scored the lone touchdown of the night.

Alan Branch: I never thought I'd see myself nominating Alan Branch for Cardinal of the week. He's impressed some so far this year, but may have had the best game of this career last night. He was blown up on a few plays last night, but when Dockett went down, he filled in nicely. He played the run okay, but played better against the pass. He caused the only interception and defended a pass with his helmet, nuff said.

Ben Graham: As pointed out earlier this morning, Graham was one of the bright spots on the team last night. He boomed a few kicks and pinned the Colts deep on some as well. Graham has really come on as one of the top punters in the league this year.

And that's about it folks. There's not a lot of positives when you lose by 21 points. Will have more on the game this week and we'll have plenty of time to dwell as it will be a long two weeks. Is there anybody else that should be nominated for Cardinal of the week? If so, drop who and why in the comments.