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ROTB Survival Pick'em: Week 3 Results and Week 4 Picks

With week three of ROTB's survival pick'em league now over, seven more body bags are added to the pile. Nearly half of ROTB's readers have already been eliminated after three weeks. Too many daring picks you ask? Maybe. Maybe everyone will learn to not pick the Texans anymore. Remember if you haven't joined, it's not too late. You can still start making your selections if you haven't been eliminated yet. Cardinal-related merchandise is on the line.

 If you're new to the site or have recently just noticed this segment, it's a Survival pick'em league. You pick a team each week to win, but you only pick one, and you can't pick that team again for the season. If that team loses when you pick them, you are dead. Whoever lasts the longest wins. And if you haven't started yet, you can jump in anytime. Here's more detailed information.

Who's Alive Who's Dead

Travis23(3), boogatt6(3), robloosli(3), trojanzags(3), bcloirao(3), manphibian(3), irishcardinal(3), Tim V(3), KDean75(3), Thomaldo(3), hevchv(3), B0rd3rline(3), Chg91(3), Carddan(3), SenSurround(3), ), Andrew602(3), CardstuckinVA(3)

Red Reign(2), Drullin'OverDaCards(2),

thetealdeal(1), Toolman234(1)

Wongy, azsportsfan31, Bezekira, StuckinColorado, thereallacardsfan, Pyromnc, CARDSxFAN32, ar4gsw, Hawkwind, Hibernian, Desert_Bird_Watcher, Cuckoo for Coco Puffs, PhoenixChief, azcardswinez, AJBirdWatcher, superpsck, kj197728, Jallred350, CardsIrish, Rottphiler, TBru, Fitz Jizzle, Giannaros, sc464

 Random Stats






1 Ravens 15 15 0
2 Redskins 14 14 0
3 Saints 12 12 0
4 Packers 11 4 7
5 Vikings 8 8 0
6 Texans 8 0 8
7 Seahawks 6 5 1
8 Cardinals 5 1 4
9 Chargers 5 5 0
10 Patriots 3 0 0
11 Cowboys 3 3 0
12 Giants 3 3 0
13 Steelers 2 0 2
14 Raiders 2 1 1
15 Falcons 1 1 0
16 Titans 1 0 1
17 Chiefs 1 0 1
18 Bills 1 1 0
19 Broncos 1 1 0
20 Colts 1 1 0
21 Lions 1 1 0

Here's next weeks schedule. Remember, you don't have to pick every week if you have a streak going. If you don't see any favorable match ups, you can't wait till the following week to continue your streak I am an idiot, and don't know what I'm talking about. Sorry for the confusion guys, I was working on this late last night. What I meant was if you haven't began your streak you can keeping skipping weeks until you are ready to start. There's not a whole lot of good match ups, considering this is the first week of bye weeks. If you want to see your past picks, you can see each week here - week 1, week 2, week 3.

Week 4

Sun, Oct 4 Time(ET) TV
Detroit at Chicago 1:00 PM FOX
Cincinnati at Cleveland 1:00 PM CBS
Seattle at Indianapolis 1:00 PM FOX
NY Giants at Kansas City 1:00 PM FOX
Baltimore at New England 1:00 PM CBS
Tampa Bay at Washington 1:00 PM FOX
Tennessee at Jacksonville 1:00 PM CBS
Oakland at Houston 1:00 PM CBS
NY Jets at New Orleans 4:05 PM CBS
Buffalo at Miami 4:05 PM CBS
St. Louis at San Francisco 4:15 PM FOX
Dallas at Denver 4:15 PM FOX
San Diego at Pittsburgh 8:20 PM NBC
Mon, Oct 5 Time(ET) TV
Green Bay at Minnesota 8:30 PM ESPN

On bye: Atlanta, Philadelphia, Arizona, Carolina