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ROTB Survival Pick'em League

One more bump: With the remainder of week one's games vastly approaching, I wanted to give anybody else who hasn't picked a team a chance to join. Submit your pick before kick off if you want to qualify, otherwise you'll have to wait till next week. This is the last bump and next week we start getting back on schedule with these segments being posted on Tuesdays. Thanks guys.

If you haven't seen already RotB already has a Pick'em League which just finished its preseason run. Another segment we'd like to start for the regular season is a Survival Pick'em League.  If you're not familiar with it, it can actually be quite fun yet challenging.  The rules of the league are simple:

  • You pick ONE team to win each week. You don't pick every game, just one team that will win each week out of one game. If you pick a team and they fail to win, you are eliminated, with no chance to join again (it's a thrill-ride I know).
  • Another determining factor in the survival pick em league is that you cannot select a team more then once in the season. Therefore, you cannot ride out the Patriots hoping they go undefeated again.
  • The guidelines aren't as strict...the winner of the league needs to have the longest stretch of games picked correct. You can start your picks late, depending on a favorable match up that starts later, but be careful you don't start too late or end too early, or somebody could pass your stretch.
  • So if Bezekira picks week 1 through week 11 correct, then Bezekira has lasted through 64% of the season. If Hawk doesn't start till week 3, then picks through week 17 correct, he lasted %88 of the season, and Hawk would win. You cannot skip a week once you start the streak, and if you do, then you are eliminated.
  • The process is simple, post your ONE pick every week, starting on Tuesday's. I'll check your post the following the week, posting who's still alive. The only deadline is to submit your pick, before that game's opening kick off time.


    Thursday, SEP 10 Time(ET) Favorite
    Tennessee at Pittsburgh 8:30 PM Pittsburgh
    Sunday, SEP 13 Time(ET) Favorite
    Miami at Atlanta 1:00 PM Atlanta
    Denver at Cincinnati 1:00 PM Cincinnati
    Minnesota at Cleveland 1:00 PM Minnesota
    Jacksonville at Indianapolis 1:00 PM Indianapolis
    Detroit at New Orleans 1:00 PM New Orleans
    Dallas at Tampa Bay 1:00 PM Dallas
    Philadelphia at Carolina 1:00 PM Carolina
    Kansas City at Baltimore 1:00 PM Baltimore
    NY Jets at Houston 1:00 PM Houston
    Washington at NY Giants 4:15 PM Giants
    San Francisco at Arizona 4:15 PM Arizona
    St. Louis at Seattle 4:15 PM Seattle
    Chicago at Green Bay 8:20 PM Green Bay
    Monday, SEP 14 Time(ET) Favorite
    Buffalo at New England 7:00 PM New England
    San Diego at Oakland 10:15 PM San Diego

I'm posting this now just to give everybody a head start. It should be an interesting year, and hopefully we will see some impressive streaks. The prize will be some Cardinals merchandise, located at my nearest mall (I'll make the prizes useful/interesting). If you're unsure about how the league works or have any questions, make sure you ask me before it's too late.