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Remember These Guys? Former Arizona Cardinals on the "Streets"

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As I looked over the final cuts of the 2009 preseason, I was immediately struck by how many former Cardinals have been given their pink slips.  Some of these names were recently with the team and may still have some potential, especially at some of the shallower positions on the roster (read linebacker).  With only four spots on the Practice Squad initially filled (Trevor Canfield, Keilen Dykes, Alex Field, and Ed Gant), I wonder if a Chris Harrington could come "home".

Chicago BearsDonovan Raiola, Roderick Hood

Cincinnati BengalsDarryl Blackstock, Chris Harrington, Langston Moore

Dallas CowboysMatt Stewart

Detroit LionsMilford Brown

Houston Texans:  Buster Davis

New England PatriotsNathan Hodel

Pittsburgh SteelersAlex Stepanovich

San Diego ChargersL.J. Shelton

San Francisco 49ersEric Green

This is by no means an overwhelming list of "golly, I wish they were still here" names but there are a few names that gives me a small amount of schadenfreude (Buster "No PS For Me" Davis).

Any cuts by the other 31 teams that appeal to the community in general?  Thank you tw3kr for the link to the cuts.