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ROTB Community Projections 2009: Larry Fitzgerald

I'm sure this man needs no introduction but Larry Fitzgerald is coming off his best season as a pro and he put together the most prolific post season in NFL history. The Arizona Cardinals find themselves in quite a favorable position with a receiver who has posted three seasons of at least 1,400 yards, three season of double digit touchdowns and two seasons of at least 100 catches and best of all he just celebrated his 26th birthday. Considering his age and the experience that he gained last January, Is it really possible that Fitz could be on the verge of a career year?? You tell me....

The rules of the game are pretty simple, post the stats that you think Fitzgerald will accumulate over the course of the season and then after the season ends we'll look back and see right or wrong we all were. Post your projection in the comment section using this format (preferably in the comment title):

Catches, Yards (YPC), Touchdowns

If you're feeling frogging you can add anything extra that you want such as games played or fumbles but don't worry, we'll cover the other receivers in a different thread. 

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