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ROTB Community Projections 2009: Anquan Boldin

Our list of community projections roles on to the next great wide out of the Arizona Cardinals, Anquan Boldin. Boldin's been a prolific receiver since the very first time he stepped on the field as a professional Over the past six seasons the only thing that seems to be able to slow down Boldin have been his own injuries and with the makings of another high flying offense, this should be another stat filled season for the former quarterback from Florida State. With four 1,000 yard seasons, two seasons with 100 catches and one double digit touchdown season, Boldin looks to inflict more punishment into opposing defense backs.

The rules of the game are pretty simple, post the stats that you think Boldin will accumulate over the course of the season and then after the season ends we'll look back and see right or wrong we all were. Post your projection in the comment section using this format (preferably in the comment title):

Catches, Yards (YPC), Touchdowns

If you're feeling frogging you can add anything extra that you want such as games played or fumbles as well as any rushing stats that you think he may accumulate.

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