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ROTB Community Projections 2009: Steve Breaston

Normally we wouldn't waste doing projections on a third wide receiver but Steve Breaston earned the right to be mentioned after recording just over 1,000 yards in just his second season as a pro. Considering that it's a well accepted principle that receivers don't enjoy a breakout season until their third season in the league, it's quite an accomplishment that Breaston jumped from 92 yards as a rookie to 1,006 as a sophomore. It leaves you wondering just what he's capable of accomplishing once he fully grasps the demands and responsibilities of this position. Another aspect of Breaston's game will be as returner this season as he's projected to retain his position as the primary punt returner and could regain his spot at the leading kick returner.

The rules of the game are pretty simple, post the stats that you think Breaston will accumulate over the course of the season and then after the season ends we'll look back and see right or wrong we all were. Post your projection in the comment section using this format (preferably in the comment title):

Catches, Yards (YPC), Touchdowns

If you're feeling frogging you can add anything extra that you want such as games played or return stats as well as any rushing stats that you think he may accumulate.

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