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ROTB Community Projections 2009: Tim Hightower and Chris "Beanie" Wells

We'll lump Tim Hightower and Chris "Beanie" Wells together for this exercise since the most likely approach utilized by the Arizona Cardinals this season will be a running-back-by-committee system. Regardless of who starts each game, it's very likely that Wells and Hightower will split their carries pretty evenly. Whisenhunt has traditionally brought rookies along rather slowly and Wells' gimpy ankle prevented him from making any serious run at the starting job. One thing that we all hope is that the Cardinals ground game is more effective this season and that this duo can outperform last year's combo of Edgerrin James and Hightower.

The rules of the game are pretty simple, post the stats that you think Hightower and Wells will accumulate over the course of the season and then after the season ends we'll look back and see right or wrong we all were. Post your projection in the comment section using this format (preferably in the comment title):

Carries, Yards (YPC), TDs

If you're feeling frogging you can add anything extra that you want such as games played or receiving stats. 

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