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Arizona Cardinals Fly Around the NFC West

The Arizona Cardinals enter the 2009 season in an unfamiliar position, looking down at the rest of the NFC West. The reigning NFC West Champs, not to mention NFC Champs, will look to defend both crowns as intra-division rival San Francisco travels to the nest this Sunday, but for now we'll put our ear to the ground and see what our NFC West-mates are talking about.....

San Francisco 49ers: The Niners are still dealing with the fact that their first round pick Michael Crabtree hasn't signed but they're doing thier best to ignore the 800 pound elephant in the corner. Following the weekend's cuts they took a look at the 53 man roster and consider the options and possibilities that they have on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. The guys over at Niners Nation have also made the first pass at previewing this weekend's game against our very own Red Birds. And just to show you that they can have some fun, they ask "which jersey should I buy?"

St. Louis Rams: Like any team in the midst of rebuilding the Rams have more questions than answers at this point, such as do they have enough wide receivers, should they sign a free agent running back and how much do they approve of their new coach. As the Rams look forward to their week one opponent, the Seahawks, they also realize that the short passing game will be the key to their new west coast offense.

Seattle Seahawks: The biggest story around Seattle remains their injury status where two starting offensive lineman (Walter Jones and Chris Spencer) and their best starting cornerback (Marcus Trufant) are sidelined by injuries. Neither of the three is expected to be back earlier than week four (Spencer) and Jones might never be back. The guys over at Field Gulls also takes a look at their new look defense but the best news is that they don't have to watch Brian Russell anymore.