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Post Game Reaction: Cardinals Win Thriller In OT, 51-45

Cornerback Michael Adams struggled to say the least, through the first four quarters for the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. The 5'8 cornerback was picked on the majority of the day, missed a key sack on a drive that resulted in a Packers touchdown, and also was flagged several times.

When the game went to overtime, the stout defensive back redeemed himself - sacking Aaron Rodgers and forcing a fumble that led to the game-winning touchdown.

In a game that was the highest scoring postseason game in NFL history, that featured a postseason record 13 touchdowns, the Arizona Cardinals unofficially upset the Green Bay Packers in Glendale, Arizona. The game began with two Green Bay turnovers that resulted in 14 points. After taking a 17-0 lead, Charles Woodson took it upon himself to get his team back in the game. As the Cardinals were driving for their fourth score of the game, Woodson tomahawked the ball out of Larry Fitzgeralds grasp, forcing the first and only turnover by Arizona on the day.

The turnover led to the eventual comeback of Rodgers and the offense.

The next three and a half quarters would be an offensive slug fest, with both teams reaching the 45 point mark with less then two minutes to play. With three timeouts remaining, Kurt Warner looked to add to his already impressive day by leading the Cardinals within field goal range before time expired. The only problem was that Neil Rackers couldn't make the chip shot with 14 seconds to go. Regulation ended, and the Packers won the toss, only for the eventual sack>strip>fumble>touchdown to happen.

The Positives

- Kurt Warner played in the twelfth postseason game of his career, and was outstanding. He recording a 154.1 quarterback rating when all was said and done. He threw for 379 yards and 5 touchdowns over a Packers defense that ranked 5th in the league not that long ago. For his career, he's done just about everything right when the season's been on the line, and that didn't stop today.

- The Cardinals running game silently ran for 156 yards against the 1st ranked rushing defense in the league. How that happened you ask? Much of the yards can be credited to Beanie Wells, who rushed for 92 on the day. The added rushing game is what propelled the Cardinals through the playoffs last year. The same might be said this time around.

- The offensive line played smart and only allowed one sack to a Packers defense that forced 37 the entire season. Protection will be key throughout the remainder of the playoffs.

- The Cardinals defense set the tone early, intercepting Rodgers on the first pass of the game. On the very next drive, the Cardinals forced a fumble from Packers veteran wide out, Donald Driver. Those plays alone were important to the Cardinals success in getting passed the first round.

- More positives to come throughout the week so stay with us. For now just bask in the glory.

The Negatives

- Yes, Michael Adams redeemed himself on the final play of overtime, but his play throughout the day may have been the primary reason the Cardinals had so much trouble with the Packers lethal passing attack. We can't count on Adams forcing game-winning fumbles against the Saints next week. Something needs to change.

- The Cardinals defense as a whole were burned by Aaron Rodgers, who threw for 422 yards and 4 touchdowns. Drew Brees will not be as kind next week. Although Bill Davis had some success blitzing Rodgers(5 sacks), there were often holes in coverage that the Packers were able to exploit all game long.

- The Cardinals slowly melted down after jumping out to a 17-0 lead. The offense was driving in the 2nd quarter when Larry Fitzgerald couldn't hang onto the ball, fumbling after being hit by Charles Woodson. That was the first mistake that shifted much of the momentum into the Packers hands. The second mistake happened in the 3rd quarter, when Green Bay unexpectedly onside kicked the ball to the dismay of the Cardinals return unit. The Packers recovered the ball and eventually drove into the end zone to get within seven points.

Final Thoughts

What a game. That's about all I can say at this point. It was one of the most exciting games in Cardinals history without a doubt. I'm happy with the way the Cardinals could move the ball at ease against a very good Green Bay defense, but I'm generally concerned with the lack of effort that was made by the secondary. What are your thoughts on the game?