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Darnell Dockett: 'Now Aaron Rodgers Can Do His Little Belt Dance'

The Arizona Cardinals 51-45 overtime victory over the Green Bay Packers was hardly a defensive battle on Sunday. Although the Cardinals won by Kurt Warner's valiant effort on offense, one Cardinals defender, Darnell Dockett, has never had a problem expressing how he feels, and he spoke after the game. I think he said it best, and said what most of us were feeling.

I take my hat off to that Green Bay team, they fought hard...

Now Green Bay can go back home and get ready for their off season, and now Aaron Rodgers can do his little belt dance on the bus and all that good things because that was definitely on our minds too. 

I mean, it's always - you know this is the playoffs. They ain't always gonna look good, every play ain't gonna get drawn up like it is in the book, every outcome ain't gonna be the outcome that you're hoping its gonna be, everything is gonna be different.

I think the biggest thing that Green Bay got confused was, this is the playoffs, this is tempo, this wasn't preseason, this wasn't the last game of the season. They made all these excuses and things sayin' they wanted to see our best effort, and they was gonna play their starters last week and all this, and I honestly think that you know, we took it to 'em - we took it to 'em. Again I can't take nothing from their team but the better team wins man and we had a better effort then they did and we made more plays then they did.

Before anyone jumps the gun, Dockett gave many kudos to Green Bay's effort and their will to not give up also.