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Arizona Cardinals Prepare For Important Offseason Dates

Now that we're officially in offseason mode, we can look ahead to the NFL calender. There's roughly three weeks left of the 2009 season, and some Cardinals are set to make one last appearance in the Pro Bowl. Perhaps the biggest offseason date will be March 5th, when free agency begins. The Cardinals have their fair share of contracts to address and it'd be preferable if they could take care of them before then. Stick around because we have a lot to discuss between now and then as the Cardinals try to keep their team together for the 2010 season.

Jan. 24 -- Conference Championships. Who do we root for here?

Jan. 30 -- Senior Bowl on NFL Network. Key game to watch before NFL combine. DRC won over the Cardinals here.

Jan. 31-- AFC-NFC Pro Bowl, South Florida (ESPN). Four Cardinals in the Pro Bowl.

Feb. 7-- Super Bowl XLIV, South Florida (CBS). Looks like it will turn out to be a good match up no matter who makes it.

Feb. 24-March 2 -- NFL Scouting Combine, Indianapolis, Ind. Very important to watch. The Cardinals' future 1st round pick could make his mark here.

March 5 -- Free agency begins. We'll discuss this later. Too many Cardinals to resign/extend.

March 21-24-- NFL Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida. Big meeting between NFL owners. Offseason issues and rules are discussed here.

April 22-24-- NFL Draft, New York City. The biggest day of the offseason. The NFL will make it a primetime event this year.

May 24-26 -- NFL Spring Meeting, Dallas, Texas. Another important meeting.